A website from DnaKlik

DNAklik creates custom websites that meet all your specific needs. With the unique CMS developed by DNAklik, maintaining your website is a piece of cake. You can also contact me for advice in the internet field or for functional extensions of an existing website.

Custom website

A website completely tailored to your specific wishes. A website with a unique design and tailor-made features. Together we are working on a website that we are proud of.

Custom CMS

The CMS is tailored to your specific wishes and skills. Frequently recurring tasks are made easy. With the flexibility to be able to customize everything.

Custom code

The website is nice and fast because there is no delay due to unnecessary functions. If you get new ambitions, the website can easily be expanded or adapted.

DNAklik's CMS is more user-friendly than a free, open source CMS with an overkill of options. So forget WordPress and Joomla and get to know the CMS developed by DNAklik!

About DNAklik

DNAklik is a one-man company of Walter Mulder. You can contact me for an innovative website. In addition, I give advice and provide good support and service. I have developed a user-friendly management system that allows you to update your website.

With me you don't have to choose a template or use existing plugins. Everything is tailor-made, resulting in a user-friendly website with a unique design.

Specialismen backend

  • Database management with MySQL, PostgreSQL or MariaDB
  • Data entry from external sources
  • XML import, export and conversion
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Data input or output via API's

Specialismen front-end

  • Update of page content via AJAX
  • User interaction with jQuery functions
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • Responsive web design
  • SEO optimization