Way of working DnaKlik

Having a website made by DNAklik means that we work together on a perfect website for your company. You provide the input and wishes. With my knowledge and experience, we will work together to create a beautiful and user-friendly website. Because DNAklik is a sole proprietorship, you always have direct contact with the programmer so that I can process your input directly.

A website from DnaKlik

DnaKlik builds responsive websites with a custom CMS. Websites that excel in originality. With modules developed by DNAklik itself, a user-friendly CMS can be quickly customized with which maintaining and updating the site becomes fun.

When developing a new website, components developed for previous websites are used or open source software is downloaded from the Internet and implemented in the new website. For the design, Bootstrap, an open source toolkit for developing HTML, CSS, and JS, is used.

DNAklik uses PHP in combination with MySQL to generate the HTML of the web pages. PHP is currently the most widely used scripting language that makes up websites and is supported by almost every Provider. MySQL allows me to communicate with a database.

A custom website or a WordPress website

A custom website is a larger investment than, for example, a simple WordPress website, but the possibilities are endless. Your custom website is an online platform that is completely optimized for your company. At DNAklik you have direct contact with the programmer with plenty of room for consultation. My goal is to realize a beautiful and user-friendly end product together. I'm not satisfied until you are.

The benefits of customization

  • Flexibility: Because no standard templates or plug-ins are used, you have complete freedom in terms of functionality and design.
  • Integrations: Because the software is developed especially for you, it is possible to make integrations with external databases or with third-party systems. If a lot of content is already available of a certain format (Word, Excel or XML), a script can be created to easily import it via the CMS. With a tailor-made website, integrating with a third party is a lot easier than if this had to be realized from an existing CMS system.
  • Minimal use of resources: Standard CMS systems such as Wordpress and Joomla often contain a lot of functionalities that are not used in the website. This can cause delays and complicates the CMS unnecessarily. With customization, only what is really needed is developed. This reduces server memory and speeds up the load of pages.

Provider and hosting

DNAklik does not host websites itself. I do help arrange a provider where you can host your website. This has the advantage that you become full owner of your new website. Via FTP you can adjust everything yourself or hire another programmer to make adjustments.

Advice and support

If you are interested in having a website built by DNAklik, I always discuss the wishes first and give advice on the best solutions. Then I come up with a proposal. If you agree, we can get started. I support you in arranging a provider where you can place your website and I help with the registration of a domain name and configuring email. I register the website with Google Analytics and help make the website findable. I ensure that your website complies with the GDPR guidelines and give advice when drawing up a privacy statement.

The price

Having a website made by DNAklik costs € 950 as standard,-. It can be cheaper if you have knowledge of HTML and CSS yourself or already have a detailed idea for the design. It can also be more expensive if you have specific wishes or want to realize implementations with existing services. You may need additional design support. I work together with web designers and then there are costs for the web designer.


I'm not satisfied until you are too. That is why I first post a preview in which you can check everything. Is the CMS to your liking? Is the design as you had in mind? After the delivery there will be a period in which I support you in maintaining the website and make any adjustments if things do not work quite as you had in mind.