Here I tell about new developments that I make. When I want to offer a certain customized solution that is very specific to a certain functionality, I first delve into what is already available and then I work with that information to develop the new functionality.

InDesign script to resize images in XML

You can fill an InDesign document with XML content. The XML may contain references to images. These are automatically retrieved when loading the XML. If these images are larger than the page width, the image is not visible and the text that comes after it falls away. The script resolves this issue.

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Backing up a folder on VPS web server on Synology NAS

If you have a VPS web server, you can back up a folder on this web server to a Synology NAS diskstation. By synchronizing this folder with a folder on the NAS, you can make an incremantal backup of this folder via dsm's web interface with Hyper Backup.

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LaTex and mPDF

If you want to display formulas in print, you can install TeX live on your VPS server. You can then create formulas with the LaTeX language and generate images from that encoding in png or svg format. You can then use these images in your document. On your website you can display the formulas using MathJax. MathJax is open-source JavaScript for displaying LaTeX, MathML, and AsciiMath notations in all modern browsers.

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Extension CMS with edit from preview

Extension CMS with the possibility to adjust the content from a preview of the webpage. An edit button appears for all content blocks. If you click on it, a pop-up will appear with which you can adjust the content of that block.

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