DNAklik has developed a number of products. Below you will find an overview of these products. The personalization with DNA profiles is a method that can be added to an existing website. Publimanger is a platform that you can use by taking out a subscription, and the online time registration is a platform for which you can sign up for free.

Tennis app for doule poules

Tennis app to organize games on selected dates. With this app, players can add their game results. This app calculates virtual ranking results, which are used to generate a match scheme on the game dates. The captain can invite players to join the group.

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Personalisation with DNA profiles

DnaKlik has developed a method to generate DNA profiles for data objects and website visitors. This method is extremely suitable for websites with a large collection of data. By matching DNA profiles, suggestions can be made to find similar content or to find users with similar interests.

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Publishtool is an online platform to work with a team of people on a report. The report can then be published as a website, PDF or in an XML format specially developed for InDesign. In the XML for inDesign, the style characteristics of the content are exported so that it can be easily designed.

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Time registration system

Registering your hours worked has never been easier. Register your worked hours with the stopwatch function or in the calendar. Sign up for free to use this platform. The platform is made from the point of view of the user and not from the administration or project managers.

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