Publish tool

Publishtool is an online platform to work with a team of people on a report. The report can then be published as a website, PDF or in an XML format specially developed for InDesign.

Publish with inDesign

Publishtool is ideal for creating publications. It has been specially developed to work on the content of the report with multiple editors in one central environment, while the designer(s) in inDesign work on the design. By exporting the content from the platform in an XML format specifically suitable for InDesign, the designer can import the new content at any time and continue with his work. Publishtool exports XML with paragraph, character, cell and table styles, headers, footnotes and illustrations and links tags to styles for formatting text content and placing images.

By linking style sheets to the document, the content editors get a good idea of what the publication will look like. It is also possible to publish the report as a website or to generate a PDF of the report directly.

Design separated from content

The principle of Publishtool is that content and design are separated. Parts of the content can be labelled. A certain design can then be linked to these labels. The labels are in the content. The design is in the style sheets or in the case of inDesign in the created styles. It is therefore very easy to use the same content and create a different design for it, or to use a created design for another report.

Publishtool treats some of the content as Assets. Assets can be managed separately. For example, in the platform, there is an overview page with all images. Through this overview, you can replace or add images. Images, tables, templates, and footnotes are treated as Assets.

In addition, there are functions to streamline communication, version control, track the progress of the project, create styles, create translations and there is an API to publish the report as a website behind your own domain. To get an idea of what you can do with Publishtool and how it works, I am working on grinding a manual from Publishtool. Go to the preliminary manual.