A website from DnaKlik

DNAklik creates custom websites that meet all your specific needs. With the unique CMS developed by DNAklik, maintaining your website is a piece of cake. You can also contact me for advice in the internet field or for functional extensions of an existing website.

DNAklik's CMS is more user-friendly than a free, open source CMS with an overkill of options. So forget WordPress and Joomla and get to know the CMS developed by DNAklik!

About DNAklik

DNAklik is a one-man company of Walter Mulder. You can contact me for an innovative website. In addition, I give advice and provide good support and service. I have developed a user-friendly management system that allows you to update your website.

With me you don't have to choose a template or use existing plugins. Everything is tailor-made, resulting in a user-friendly website with a unique design.

Specialismen backend

  • Database management with MySQL, PostgreSQL or MariaDB
  • Data entry from external sources
  • XML import, export and conversion
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Data input or output via API's

Specialismen front-end

  • Update of page content via AJAX
  • User interaction with jQuery functions
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • Responsive web design
  • SEO optimization